Risk Control and Safety Services

To help our clients contain costs, we emphasize hazard recognition and analysis, followed by implementation of self-inspection programs. As part of our approach to integrated accident management, we focus on pre-risk and post-risk management techniques.

If a serious accident does occur, our safety specialists work to identify the root cause, recommend corrective measures, and monitor the effectiveness of these measures. When we identify an accident trend, we quickly alert our safety specialists who can then recommend appropriate actions to prevent future occurrences. As part of the risk management team, our safety specialists often work directly with our claims personnel to facilitate communication with the client and make sure that loss reports are timely and complete.

Our safety specialists adapt our services to meet your needs. These may include such varied items as:

  • Developing a back, knee or wrist program
  • Establishing a safety awards program
  • Developing a work-site safety program
  • Assisting with Safety Committee formation and implementation
  • Implementing CDL, alcohol and drug testing.
  • Initiating pre-placement physical programs
  • Creating fleet safety and driver training programs

We are adept in working with the most sophisticated programs to help make them even better, as well as working with you to develop safety programs where none previously existed. We also offer specialized services:

  • Exposure and accident analysis
  • Industrial hygiene programs
  • Video library and on-line training resources
  • Property surveys, inspections and appraisals
  • Assistance with regulatory compliance issues

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