In Control Family Foundation:
Crash Prevention 101 & Close Quarters Maneuvering

We are offering all day Driver Training (no cost) through IN CONTROL FAMILY FOUNDATION:


         2 Topics - Crash Prevention 101 Close Quarters Maneuvering 

         Wednesday, April 27th 8am-4pm in Weymouth (12 Participants)

         Wednesday, May 25th 8am-4pm in Weymouth (12 participants)

         Wednesday, June 22nd  8am-4pm in Weymouth (12 Participants)


In class & hands on training are split throughout the day, half the group is in the classroom while the other half is in the cars…it’s about 50/50 split but participants are in and out throughout the day.

If possible, bring your facility vehicle for the training but not every student needs their own. Normally, if they have 3 vans on site for the training that is sufficient.

In Control Family Foundation

In Control Family Foundation

Course Description

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South Weymouth, MA

South Weymouth, MA

Directions for In Control’s Training Facility

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Who Should Attend:  drivers who transport clients

Please contact one of the Risk Managers if there are specific questions:

         Mark Januskiewicz – – 781-939-6832

         Jilyane Mitchell – – 781-939-6879

         Dave Labonte – – 781-939-6822

Please click this link to register for one of the 3 sessions

Please contact me if you have any registration questions. We look forward to seeing you there.

Wendy Callahan,

( or 781-951-5003).